SB20 3609

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SB20 3609

This boat is fully equipped and in good condition ready to race.

More Information
Hull # PSE SB 0221 E 406
Inventory Inclusions
  • Later model Seldon mast with new updates,
  • Boom with new updates,
  • Rudder, adjustable tiller extension,
  • Rudder and tiller bags,
  • Near new top boat cover,
  • Keel crane,
  • 2 paddles,
  • Anchor and warp,
  • Bow and stern lines,
  • First aid kit,
  • Bucket and sponge,
  • Lifting strops,
  • Harness,
  • 2 fenders,
  • Minimal tool kit,
  • Mast fitting protection cover,
  • Near new gennaker launch bag with frame,
  • Mast carry rack,
  • No trailer,
  • All equipment is in good racing condition.
Sail Inclusions
  • One regatta old set of championship sails, (main, jib and gennaker)
  • One set of club sails, (main, jib and gennaker)

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Q1: Where are the boats located?

A1: At this time, the boats listed on this site are located in Hobart, Tasmania (AUS).

Q2: If I purchase a boat how can I get it delivered to my country?

A2: We can organize shipping freight for you and have your new boat delivered anywhere in the world.

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A3: Unfortunitly no, the boats listed for sale with the mentioned inclusions can not be excluded for a lower sale price.

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A4: At the moment, we only accept direct deposit (clear funds required) and Cash Payments.


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