SB20 3030

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SB20 3030

This boat is in exceptionally good condition and is one of the rare WHITE FORMULA built in the UK. This boat has won several national championships and was runner-up in the 2012 world championships missing out by a count back to winning it overall.

More Information
Hull # GB-PSE SB 021 E202
Inventory Inclusions
  • Good quality galvanise belco road trailer with light board
  • Keel with crucifix cover,
  • Keel crane,
  • Rudder and tiller with bags,
  • Hard stand deck cover,
  • Gennaker launch bag and frame,
  • Safety equipment including anchor and warp.
  • 2 fenders,
  • Loos rig tension gauge,
  • Jockey wheel,
  • Mast carry rack,
  • Late model Seldon mast with new updates,
  • First aid kit,
  • Bow and stern lines,
  • Minimal tool kit,
  • All equipment is in good racing condition,
Sail Inclusions
  • One set of championship sails (main, jib and gennaker)
  • One set of club sails, (main, jib, and gennaker)
  • One set of training sails, (main, jib and gennaker)

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